Thursday, April 15, 2010

Korean Couple Holidays

Ok, I know I don't usually post new blogs so often, but yesterday was a holiday here in Korea. Actually, the 14th of every month is a holiday for couples in Korea. Of course you know about valentine's day, which is celebrated on Feb. 14th. In Korea, valentine's day is only celebrated by the girls giving guys gifts. The guys are expected to give gifts to the girls on white day, which is March 14th. For those who are single and did not receive a gift, they get to celebrate black day on April 14th. They eat black noodles (jjajangmyun) so that other people know they're single. These are the most well known couple holidays. But I had heard there was a holiday on the 14th of every month, so I googled it.
January 14th is Planner/Diary day. Couples give each other a planner so they can plan the things they will do together that year.
I already mentioned Feb-April.
May 14th is Yellow/Rose day. Couples wear yellow or spring colors and give each other roses. Single people eat curry.
June 14th is Kiss day. Obviously celebrated by kissing.
July 14th is Silver day. Couples give gifts made of silver.
August 14th is Green day. Couples wear green and walk in the woods. Single people drink a green bottle of soju.
September 14th is Photo and Music day. Couples take lots of pictures together (which is sort of an everyday thing anyway it seems) and then go to noraebang (private karaoke).
October 14th is Wine day. Celebrate by drinking wine.
November 14th is movie day. Couples watch a movie together and drink orange juice...
Finally, December 14th is hug day. Celebrate by giving free hugs.


Katie said...

That's awesome!

<>< Katie

Sherry said...

You got free hugs once but I don't think it was Dec 14. Very interesting! Thanks. I think you should do a blog on fan death since warm weather is near.

subhash moond said...

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